Writing the Methodology Chapter in Your Dissertation

Writing the Methodology Chapter in Your Dissertation

The methodology chapter in a dissertation comes at the last stage of research. It offers specific information related to your research and helps show why it is necessary to carry out the said research. There is no other option than to submit original methodology chapters for any research paper that you do.

From there, you’ll present facts that clearly show why it is necessary to complete your research. In this blog, we will look at some of the tools and tips you should employ if you want to develop the most appropriate methodology for your paper.

Steps to Assist You When Writing the Methodology Section of your Dissertation

The dissertation methodology provides precise information that enables researchers to pick the best approach to replicate the research results. To manage that, you will need to research and gather as much data as possible for your paper. Doing so enables you to present pertinent data within the specified word count.

When writing the methodology chapter for your dissertation, there are various sections you must include. At times, you’ll need to state the methods used in the research, while other times, you’ll need to state the procedures you followed.

The sections to include in your methodology chapter include:

  1. The title of your dissertation

Provide the title of your dissertation in this section. Be keen to come up with a relevant title that will enable any readers to identify the chapter from the name alone. Doing so enables them to replicate your research.

  1. The writing objectives

Here, you’ll provide the primary reasons as to why the chosen methods are applicable in your dissertation. Ensure that you cite all relevant sources when you’re citing other people’s work in this section. Doing so enables the readers to get the exact sources where you got the data to include in your dissertation.

  1. Questions and Answers

This section provides an opportunity to answer the questions or follow-up questions raised in the methodology chapter. In this section, ensure that you highlight the crucial data relevant to the entire research process. If you want to present credible data, ensure that you include facts that can be replicated from the data presented. Be keen to provide references when you state your answers.

  1. Descriptive Statistics

The descriptive data is the data that represents the entire data presented in the methodology chapter. For that reason, you’ll need to ensure that the data in your dissertation is entirely represented by such data. As such, you must always cite all the sources used. Be quick to cite your data sources when you get any to cite in your dissertation. Remember, the guidelines given by your instructor guide you on what should appear in the dissertation methodology. If you don’t know the appropriate guidelines, you should seek clarification from your tutors, especially if you have questions or doubts.

When you adhere to the above information and write the methodology section correctly, you are confident that you will get the data required in your dissertation.

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