Where you can find a good material for your thesis paper

Where you can find a good material for your thesis paper

Choosing the sources of material for writing a paper is an important step when writing it. You can select the following information resources for writing research papers, term papers, and theses.
1.books, monographs, dictionaries, newspapers, magazines, and other printed sources of information.
2. reference and legal bases “consultant plus”, “code”, etc.
3.Specialized calculation programs, for example, Project Expert, Statistics.
4. The Internet.
5. lecture materials.
6. previous author’s works.
7. actually creative imagination, imagination.
The most common way to search for such sources of information is through the library. A modern student has the opportunity to use the services of various libraries.
– Libraries at the University. They can provide specialized information on the subject of research and, last but not least, the work of the teachers who teach it, and maybe even the supervisor of your work.
Tip: it is important to know what field the supervisor of your work specializes in, whether they have books or articles on the issues under study. It is good to reflect them in the list of references, even if the topic is just related. When writing a diploma, it would be nice to get acquainted with the works on your work of the members of the state Attestation Commission who are present at the defense, and it is also important to include this literature in the list. An intelligent person should know the main achievements of their predecessors on the topic of work! In addition, this way you pay attention and respect to the scientific community of your university.
– Libraries in your area. As a rule, district libraries cannot offer a wide range of specialized literature, but in them you can find a wide variety of the most popular publications, encyclopedias, reference books, and Basic Books. The reading rooms of district libraries are often not filled with people, which will make it possible to work out effectively.
– large city libraries
These libraries provide an excellent opportunity to get acquainted with serious works on the research topic, analyze the materials of dissertations and abstracts.
Modern libraries have huge resources that help you do any written work. The search for literature or publications in the library itself is carried out in an alphabetical or systematic catalog (depending on whether you know exactly the author’s last name or only the topic is formulated). But in today’s conditions, the most effective way to find the necessary information is an electronic catalog, an electronic library.
The electronic catalog on the library’s website allows you to create a bibliographic description of any topic in various subjects. It offers three types of search: basic, advanced, and professional. I recommend using a professional search, where you can get a complete list of references on the topic of your work by typing keywords. It is important to note that bibliographic descriptions of books from 1725 to 1998 are contained not in the electronic catalog, but in the General Catalog. It contains cards with descriptions of books in scanned form, among which a full-fledged electronic search is not possible.
The supervisor will request, along with the thesis plan, a list of references that the graduate student will rely on. And this is correct, since this list becomes a reference point for the student, organizing chaotic throwing in search of materials.
In addition, after getting acquainted with the list of references, the teacher can already provide serious help at this stage: advise some other important materials or cross out unnecessary ones. The draft list of references can be expanded, but in general, like the plan, it becomes the basis for thoughtful work on the diploma.

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