Thesis Educational Science

General information on the science of education

Educational science, also referred to as pedagogy, deals with the theoretical foundations and the practical implementation of education. Depending on whether our teachers used to be easy-going and easy-going or rather strict, there were a number of theory traditions behind it that promoted either anti-authoritarian or authoritarian style. Interesting is the question for which situations which style is the right one, as not only the basic characters of children and adolescents vary greatly, but also the school subjects with different requirements and especially the social environment. The educational sciences therefore always reflect the zeitgeist to a very high degree, as is currently shown by research priorities in early childhood education, better education for children with a migrant background and the evaluation of opportunities for the inclusion of mentally and physically disadvantaged children. Beyond the zeitgeist, unchanged topics and specializations in educational science are methods and variants of pedagogical action. Secondary disciplines play a not to be underestimated role, because future educators must be able to deal more and more with modern media and thematize them themselves in class or at least apply them. A current trend is e.g. the e-learning. The sociology, which u.a. The study of the actions of small and large social groups as well as psychology for a better understanding of individual behaviors are important subfields.

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