General information about chemistry

Whether in our food, in the plastic spoon or in the browning bitten apple: everywhere is chemistry. As a natural science, she investigates the composition of substances as well as the reaction processes involved in the conversion of substances. In the bachelor’s degree program in chemistry, one first learns general and inorganic chemistry before adding physical and analytical chemistry in the following semesters. In addition to knowledge in the physical field, one must also master basic mathematical skills safely. Right from the beginning, you work in the lab for about half of the semester hours per week, learn how to handle equipment, and then determine masses and volumes exactly before analyzing unknown mixtures. Since chemistry is understood as empirical science, laboratory work is also the basis for experiments in later studies, from which new insights can be obtained. Areas of specialization are usually chosen at the end of the bachelor’s program and in the subsequent master’s program. Then opens a wide range of possible topics, e.g. theoretical chemistry that performs PC-based reaction simulations or radiochemistry that deals specifically with radioactive substances. A general trend in the study is the increasing importance of interdisciplinary knowledge and work. Some universities are already responding to this trend and even offer combined degree programs such as biochemistry, chemical biology or medicinal chemistry.

This is what our academic help looks like

Due to the high degree of interdisciplinary references and the requirements of scientific work in the laboratory, a lot of time and learning effort has to be invested in a chemistry course. Many students of science subjects like chemistry prefer to work in practice and get into trouble when more extensive written work is required. In particular, theses make great demands on knowledge and ability, as they expect experimental results with correspondingly insightful conclusions. But even smaller term papers can significantly disrupt the schedule, even if you have to learn for exams and the next lab work is already waiting for you. Our academically well-trained authors with extensive experience in scientific writing can always find a remedy if knowledge, time and nerves are not sufficient for writing longer work. Our authors can create suitable questions, concepts and structures and recognize argumentative deficits immediately. If the need is great, you can – no matter whether bachelor thesis, master thesis or doctoral thesis – let create a sample work, which forms a red thread for the orientation.