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Research in biology no longer means picking a few flowers from the meadow and examining them under a microscope. Today’s research is inconceivable without PCbased work, as only such large amounts of data can be archived and analyzed later.

Those who do not have the necessary computer affinity or are otherwise overwhelmed with the evaluation of datasets can be professionally supported by our academic authors.

We also help to solve other problem situations, e.g. writing scientific papers. It does not matter if it is the first term paper, a bachelor or master thesis or even a dissertation:

Our writers who are very experienced in the final thesis and who naturally bring with them great expertise and reliability, will be happy to assist you and will also make individual arrangements.

Our services at a glance

  • professional support in the evaluation of datasets
  • Writing scientific papers
  • Support in the literature search and design of a logically consistent structure
  • Writing heavy chapters
  • Copywriting of a customized sample solution

We want to be your reliable companion from the beginning to the end of your studies, during your thesis and possibly also during your dissertation. For more information please contact us!

General to biology

Modern biology shapes our world view very strongly. It was not until the development of an evolutionary theory by Charles Darwin that we gained a glimpse into the diversity and adaptability of life, and many medical accomplishments would not be possible without the knowledge of human anatomy. Anyone who chooses to teach biology at the university chooses one of the most diverse subjects in the natural sciences. Especially in the first semesters a broad overview of the program is on the program, so that one deals with zoology, cell and microbiology, genetics, botany and plant and animal physiology.

By referring to medicine and physics, biology is always strongly interdisciplinary. This is particularly evident in the numerous crosslinks to chemistry, without which one will hardly get through university. There is already one or the other university that recognizes this trend towards the everincreasing connection between the two subjects and offers degree courses such as biochemistry or chemical biology.

A specialization is usually only in the Master’s degree, if you go deeper into areas such as human genetics, anthropology or botany. Then the projectrelated scientific work also plays a major role, which trains the selfemployment and lay the foundations for a later career in research. For research fields, biology is a major current topic, especially in genetics with the study of DNA, but also in molecular biology for a better understanding of viruses and bacteria.